① Winter came. Room temperature is decreased due to the winter chill. Heater increases room temperature. These are in the opposite direction (blue).


② Since these are in the opposite direction, negative feedback facilitate (red) the heater (function, such as by turning the power on). Because of this, the room temperature-increasing effect of the heater strengthens, and the decrease in room temperature (blue downward unfilled arrow) disappears (decreased room temperature increases to the baseline).

This simply says, when room temperature is decreased (during winter), heaters are used. In the present "Step-By-Step Study of Life Sciences", let's call such control bluered negative feedback.

Challenge Quiz

1. Because of winter chill, room temperature is increased decreased , and a heater increases decreases room temperature. Since these are in the same direction opposite direction , negative feedback inhibits facilitates the heater (function). With this control, the initial change in room temperature disappears, namely the room temperature increases decreases (towards the baseline).
2. When room temperature is decreased, negative feedback inhibits facilitates heater (function).